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Austin's Saddlery

Mawson Bros. Custom Makers




We opened Mawson Saddlery Ltd., better known as "Austin's" in 1978. At first a few repairs and a little custom work was all that was asked for. With demands from ranchers, equine enthusiasts and sportsmen, it became apparent that there was a real need for saddle making as well as other custom items in and around the Battleford's. The saddle making grew to where we needed a more readily available supply of custom trees. In 1991 we opened our own tree shop.

In 1989, a "Mawson Bros. Custom Made" saddle was awarded the prestigious "Premier's Award" at the Saskatchewan Juried Art Show. Our custom made goods have gained world-renown recognition with buyers in the States, Europe and Commonwealth countries.

We specialize in authentic western gear. All our western saddles are made with an all leather ground seat and are rigged ready for the vigor of every day ranch life, with the prestige and class of riding a custom rig. As craftsmen, we take pride in our work and stand behind any article stamped with the "Mawson Bros. Custom Maker" stamp.

We have had many mentors in our lives. As saddle makers, Cliff Ketchum was one influence, but Matt Eberle would be the biggest. For our saddle trees, the biggest influence was Chuck Stormes. Our Dad, Harvey and Uncle, Eldon gave us the drive to get out there and work hard for what we want. They came from a long line of hard workers. Our Great Great Grandpa John was the first settler in Dundurn, Sk. He was a teamster, but they all were back then, because they had to be; everything they did was with horses. His son, Great Grandpa Harry, would trail cattle with the other ranchers, for months at a time, to Pike Lake along the river. A long line of Working Cowboys, born and raised.


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